Little Children are FUTURE LEADERS!

November 24, 2020

Child Friendly Alice are collecting stories to share about families in Alice Springs. We want to showcase our community and our strengths in building safe homes and a supportive community for our children. 

This is a story from a mother of a little boy who attends the Larapinta Child and Family Centre.

I want to teach him about Aboriginal culture and the history of our people. I take him out bush and show him his country, tell him stories about family, country and skin names, and he meets his grandparents. 

Some old people have passed away but he still has a great grandmother on his Dad’s side. Somme of my favourite memories as a little kid were being out bush with my family. Exploring, climbing the hills and making tree houses – everything about it was good. 

We are really family orientated. It’s important. 

I like to cook with my kids, clean with them, garden with them and read with them – the basic skills of life! I want them to know right from wrong, and want them to stay children as long as they can. I was in a hurry to grow up and I regret it!” 

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