Alice Springs Community Profile

Growing up and living in Alice Springs is an exceptional experience – the extremes of temperature, the incredible desert environment, the dust and spinifex, the diversity of cultures and languages and the geographic isolation.

It’s here in our great community that the Child Friendly Alice Community Profile tells a story about the many strengths and the many challenges facing our families and children.

What the profile tells us

The Alice Springs Community Profile is a unique snapshot of our way of life in central Australia. It tells us that while we may face challenges, we all want the same thing: for our children to receive good education, live in strong and safe families, experience equal opportunities and access as they get older to gain employment and live happy lives.

The profile data also showed us that there are some areas we need to address. These are community issues supported by data and include crime, racism, alcohol-related antisocial behaviours, the need for cultural education and better educational opportunities.

For children and families in Alice Springs, it provides a snapshot of what they want to see in our community.

For service providers, it provides evidence that can be used for more effective program delivery for children, young people and families.

For governments at all levels, it provides an overview of the systemic changes and investment that need to happen to improve the outcomes for everyone.

Download a copy of the Child Friendly Alice Community Profile


What we can do with the profile data

This profile is important because it provides a framework and evidence to develop responsive policies and strategies that can help Alice Springs to thrive. Child Friendly Alice sees the potential for service providers, community members and governments to work together to develop a collaborative local Action Plan.

The profile has been sectioned and broken down into a technical report available for download.

How data was collected:

The Alice Springs Community Profile was the result of a year of consultations and feedback from a broad cross section of community members, educators, staff from agencies, Elders, children, young people, parents and families. Through listening and learning from our community,  population level data was also reviewed to develop a wide ranging comprehensive map to making Alice Springs a safe and empowering community for generations to come.


Download the Child Friendly Alice Technical Report


Loved and Safe

All children have a right to grow up in loving and safe environments. Children are vulnerable and if the right caring environments are not there, they face many more risks and challenges than children who are nurtured, supported and encouraged to meet their potential.

Essential Needs are Met

Essential needs are those fundamental building blocks that every child needs to thrive. Having money to buy food, having a house to live in with bedrooms for everyone, having a job and access to transport are all vitally important to families bringing up children.


Our children are our future. Being physically, mentally and emotionally well is important for everyone, but for children starting out in life being healthy sets them up for a strong future

Engaged in Learning

Learning is a continuous process throughout life. Children and young people learn through a variety of formal and informal experiences, both within the classroom and more broadly in their home and community.

Actively Participating

The social environment in which young people grow is important for their development. For many young people participation in sports and recreational activities is one way to mix with and make friends. For others, volunteering is important. It is also important for children to be provided with opportunities to speak and feel heard. For these things to happen, children and young people need places that meets their needs and strong organisational structures.

Positive Sense of Identity and Culture

It is an expression of individuality and uniqueness; knowing where you come from, where you are, where you belong, that you are valued and have the capacity to choose where you’re going. Culture is about being part of a way of life – ideas, values, customs and behaviour.

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