Child Friendly Alice celebrates Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Children’s Day

September 22, 2020

Child Friendly Alice was proud to celebrate Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Children’s Day on August 4. The event bought together a range of local organisations, including Central Land Council, Tangentyere, Department of Education and many more.

The 2020 theme of we are the elders of tomorrow, hear our voice was celebrated with activities, painting, BBQ, reading and connecting, with a Welcome to Country by Peter Coco Wallace.

Becky Mack, Manager of Family and Community Engagement at Connected Beginnings, said the essential purpose of Child Friendly Alice is make our town a better place for kids by getting services to work more closely together for shared outcomes.

‘We want to see Alice Springs a safe, child-friendly place’, she said, ‘and we can achieve that by working in partnership with services in town’.

Katie Thompson from Bluearth Foundation, an organisation that promotes physical activity and engagement with a wide range of children, said that the event was a genuine example that aligns with Bluearth’s Reconciliation Action Plan and that more events such as these should be held.

‘There’s a good vibe’, she said, ‘everyone’s relaxed and celebrating … and it’s great to see all the organisations collaborate together’.

Child Friendly Alice would like to thank all of the organisations involved on the day. To learn more about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Children’s Day, please visit the official welbsite:



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Child Friendly Alice acknowledges and honours First Nations peoples, paying respect to Elders past and present as custodians of this land. In Mparntwe (Alice Springs), we live and work on Arrernte country.

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