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Working and Reference Groups



The Child Friendly Alice Working Groups and Reference Groups are made up of action-orientated individuals, community members, and service providers from across the community.


Over time, they work on three main activities:

1.Determining the scope of the Working Group, grounded and led by local-level data as well as national research

2. Developing strategies which may include the following:

  • Better understanding of the current situation: aligning to current data and facilitating further research where there are gaps in data
  • Learning by trial: identifying an opportunity to start at a community level, implement lived-experience, and adapt where necessary
  • Increasing coordination: aligning with already existing work, programs and partners to maximise impact
  • Enhancing services: enhancing existing programs and services by embedding proven practices
  • Identifying policy-change opportunities: looking for and harnessing opportunities to advocate on a local or state level

3. Driving the implementation of these strategies by:

  • Identifying resources required to put ideas into action
  • Inspiring change in their individual organisations and in wider networks
  • Determining how to measure and evaluate the progress and success
  • Providing updates to the Advisory Meeting, reflecting on practice in line with community needs, and responding to collective feedback

*Reference: FSG Reimagining Social Change

Alice Springs Transport Working Group

The Alice Springs Transport Working Group is a collective of representatives from key Government and Non-Government organisations that are focused on addressing ongoing transport issues in Alice Springs. Members currently include individuals from NTCOSS, Anglicare, Department of Education, Department of Health, Tangentyere, Children’s Ground and Red Cross. The Working Group aims to initially seek funding for a transport research position needed to progress local action on improving reliability, affordability and frequency of community transport options, particularly for children and families living in Town Camps.

Workforce Development Working Group

The Workforce Development Working Group (WDWG) aims to increase local Aboriginal employment and leadership in the child and family sector in Alice Springs. This group emerged from the Early Learning Working Group identifying that Aboriginal employment in early learning services can improve engagement of Aboriginal families and children in early learning programs. The WDWG used a combination of a program logic model and the Results Based Accountability model to examine the current situation and identify possible actions, as well as short, medium and long term outcomes. The group have identified a few short term collaborative initiatives across partner agencies that they will continue to pursue and are seeking high level leadership support to address the complex, entrenched challenges within the system.

Early Learning Working Group

The goal of the Early Learning Services Group is to increase the participation of Aboriginal children in early childhood services. It is made up of both government and non-government agencies involved in the coordination and delivery of early learning services. These services are committed to working together to implement the Early Learning Services Strategy, which outlines seven core priority areas. It is recognised that to improve the cultural responsiveness of early childhood learning services, three key factors emerge: being central to access; local ownership of programs; and employment of local Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people with a strong incorporation of culture.

Parenting Support Working Group

The Parenting Support Working Group, previously a network group, is hosted by Relationships Australia and is a collective of organisations committed to working together to strengthen the parenting support extended to families in Alice Springs. Member organisations include Congress, Women’s Safety Services of Central Australia, Relationships Australia, Central Australian Health Service, Catholic Care, Lutheran Community Care, Larapinta Child and Family Centre, Anglicare and Mental Health Association of Central Australia.

Alice Springs Food Security Working Group

The Alice Springs Food Security Reference Group is a collective of representative organisations from across Alice Springs with an interest in improving food security for all Alice Springs community members. Members currently include Arid Lands Environment Centre, Aboriginal Medical Services Alliance Northern Territory, Anglicare, Congress, Central Land Council, Disability Advocacy Service, Central Australian Health Service, Northern Territory Council of Social Services and Tangentyere. The Reference Group is currently collecting data to inform community led projects and is in the process of implementing food and nutrition security initiatives with Alice Springs based organisations.

Aboriginal Employees Leadership Group

The Aboriginal Employees Leadership Group is working towards a strong, proud Aboriginal workforce, with the ultimate goal of improving the wellbeing of local children and families. The group is by Aboriginal employees, for Aboriginal employees working in the community service sector. They work to share advice; news; stories; concerns; and resources between themselves, within their organisations and with the broader community. They support eachother’s work and celebrate the achievements of fellow Aboriginal employees in Alice Springs.

Health and Education Reference Group

The Health and Education Working Group aims to improve the health and development and access to early intervention for Aboriginal children 0-5 years living in Alice Springs. This work involves taking a population health approach to ensure access to effective, high quality and coordinated services specific to their health, development and learning is available. Key agencies, such as Central Australian Aboriginal Congress work with others on identifying system reforms for improved referral pathways and support.

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