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Child Friendly Alice

Child Friendly Alice has a shared vision for every child in Alice Springs to have the best possible start in life, and to grow up happy, healthy and strong

We live and work on Arrernte country

Welcome to
Child Friendly Alice

Child Friendly Alice brings community organisations, Government and individuals together to address the wellbeing of children in Alice Springs. We are network with connections to over 40 agencies and 100 different programs, all supporting children and families in Alice Springs to access education, social support, community safe spaces, events and resources.

Built from the stories heard through extensive community consultations, we work alongside the community, Government and local organisations to improve our children’s access to opportunities for them to grow up safe, strong and healthy.


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Our Community Profile

The Child Friendly Alice Community Profile tells a story about the strengths and the challenges facing our children, and what changes we need to make as the Alice Springs community. The voices, stories and data in the profile were gathered from a year of consultations with the Alice Springs community and organisations. It’s the collective voice that created Child Friendly Alice, and it’s our map to improving opportunities for our children.

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Community working together

The profile gives us the data and a framework to develop responsive policies and strategies that can help Alice Springs better meet the needs families, young people and children. Child Friendly Alice exists to link service providers, community members and governments together to create sustainable action and help our community thrive.

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Important for

Alice Springs

Throughout the Child Friend Alice community consultations, children and young people identified many positive aspects to living in Alice Springs. Strong connections to friends and family was something the youth of our community value. Some of the benefits of living in a small town included the town’s environment and weather, and the ease for young people to get around. We also heard of concerns around crime, racism, alcohol-related antisocial behaviours, the need for cultural education and better educational opportunities. Alice Springs is a unique home and by working together, we can ensure our kids grow up to live happy and long lives.


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Sneak peek at the infographics

The Alice Springs infographics were developed to highlight the key data and information gained through the community consultations. They tell the story of our strengths, challenges and hopes as a community. Infographics are available to download on the Resource page.

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Child Friendly Alice acknowledges and honours First Nations peoples, paying respect to Elders past and present as custodians of this land. In Mparntwe (Alice Springs), we live and work on Arrernte country.

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